Report: At least 59,000 meat workers caught COVID, 269 died


A congressional report finds many more meatpacking workers caught coded nineteen and died than previously thought with workers standing shoulder to shoulder the meatpacking industry was one of the early epicenters of the corona virus pandemic house subcommittee looked at internal documents from five of the biggest meat packing companies that control the majority of the U. S. beef and pork market the report found that fifty nine thousand meatpacking workers became ill and two hundred and sixty nine workers died that's three times higher than the number reported by the United food and commercial workers union the report finds companies were slow to take protective steps distribute masks install barriers concluding that meat packing companies prioritize profits and production over worker safety several companies including cargo in JBS release statement saying they had worked aggressively to be federal health and safety standards Tyson which is the only major company in the industry to require vaccinations says their mandate has led to more than ninety six percent of its workers being vaccinated head of the company's November first deadline Jennifer king Washington

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