Eric Reminisces About His Friendship With Larry David


We continue now with Eric's interview at the Babylon B we'll have to ask, because you said that you were friends with Larry David at one point? Yes, at dinner, his apartment. When I was writing the hero pieces, the Atlantic monthly published a couple of them. And there was a humor reading. So it was like 1987 and somebody got me to do a humor reading with Roz chast's husband you know Roz chast, The New Yorker cartoonist, whatever. Her husband did some stuff, and there was somebody else. I can't remember, but I was one of these like two or three people who like in a basement in New York did a comedy reading. And this friend of mine that I met at one of these writers colony says, you got to meet my friend Larry. He will love you. He loves you and he's so funny. He's one of these before he became famous. Like right before. So he came and he loved what I did like the humor pieces. I think these fewer pieces are on my website, Eric and Texas dot com air contacts dot com. Eric and Texas dot com. But the humor pieces are still there. And so anyway, so we became friends and he really loved what I was doing, and he connected me with his manager whom he eventually married, and she was only taking she had him. She had Chris Elliott. You know, like, really, I was like, I've made it now. Yeah. And then I became a born again Christian and I threw it all in the garbage. I burned all of that with my elo albums and all that satanic stuff. Because humors of the devil. No, I never really overtly turned away from it. I just kind of drifted away. But so Larry and I became friends. I remember he had a dinner party in his apartment, and the actual Kramer came in. But at the time, I didn't realize he was the actual Kramer. Did you know he was racist? Or not so funny? That's a funny question. That's a funny question. I would kill to meet Michael Richards. I just love that man so much. But yeah, so I think when I became like a conservative Jesus freak, Larry David probably had problems

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