A highlight from DOS A CERO! USMNT go three for three against El Tri!



Extra time is exactly how I find it out. What's going on in the MLS? Maybe this podcast is influenced me a little bit as well. Everybody up here. Every single day goes into the office into the laboratory. We're trying to cook up some great stuff for you guys. That's why he's here. From New York, New York, you are listening to extra time, club and country driven by continental tire from the AT&T 5G virtual studios. I'm Andrew wib with my partisan soccer killing car. David goss says Hernandez joining us here in a very special show for three of us, Cesar and thanks for being alone, man. I appreciate it. It's the Friends you make along the way. That's really important. Exactly. It's relationships, you know, forged in the fires of three losses in one year for the first time for a certain rival since 1937. Just giving you the facts. U.S. dosa sero in Ohio, Columbus wasn't doing it Cincinnati did it take you on stadium needed some joy. Oh, the U.S. fans stadium gave us some joy. Before we glow before we do our thing, says welcome man. If I was you, I might have walked away. I might have just said, hey, you guys do this. Working. I try to be an unbiased reporter with much of the work that I do. The only thing that I can say that I am biased towards is the Mexican national team. But I will say the facts because I am a reporter nonetheless. Facts are that Mexico are equal to the U.S. to congratulations U.S. to not surpassing. We're actually being equal on points. And we are not equal differential and head to head is the third type of that one. Not at nope, nope, not even there. Do nothing, Christian Pulisic in a second. What was the score? To nothing? Does that Cerro? See how we got to make sure you got to go both the right. Make sure everybody understands completely and utterly. What happened here tonight? Christian pools until comes off the bench, hit some of the T-shirt that we're going to discuss here in a little bit, because Greg Warhol was saying, before this match, the Mexico was not given the U.S. enough respect. Ochoa said, hey, you're looking in the mirror, trying to see if you can measure up to Mexico. Well, pussy was the man in the mirror on this night, and then put the icing on the cake from Weston McKinney, who went full Harry Potter. It was a dominant performance, Dave, Caitlin, what was this from the U.S.? It was a different kind of performance, I think from the very first whistle. You could just feel a different energy, a different sort of directness. A different attitude from the U.S. players. I thought, and then the performance through 90 minutes reflected it outside a couple of chances in the first half for L three. I thought it was Mexico in the first half, had the better of the match. I had clearly the better of the chances for sure. But the game was pretty open. End to end. And yeah, I think when you look at the performances earlier in the summer, you can see here there's some big saves from Stefan. I thought also went a long way. And you have to give Greg a lot of credit for making that call. And big time performance from Stefan as we'll go through the list of guys that had great days. But I think just for this team, overall, just kind of zooming out a little bit. There was the Nations League, which felt like, wow, you know, this team really proved a lot to themselves, but and then even the gold Cup final where it was maybe not even the first choice U.S. men's national team. But psychologically, the team started to believe in itself and whether Mexico wants to admit it or not, or talk to Martina who wants to admit it or not. I think those kind of type of psychological sort of victories for a young U.S. team took them a long way. But the question was, hey, now this one counts. World Cup qualifying, this is a different beast. It's not the same as the nation's league. It's not the gold cup. This is what the one where it really matters.

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