Nikole Hannah-Jones Says U.S. Dropped Bombs on Japan for Financial Reasons


Nicole Hannah Jones tweets over at the federalist they picked it up Sean Fleetwood New York magazine writer and founder of the 1619 Project the call Hannah Jones took to Twitter this week to offer historically illiterate take on why the United States bond Hiroshima during World War II In a course she was promoted by The New York Times or 1619 project cronut but a New York Times Historical scholars from every walk of life came out and said she doesn't know what the hell she's talking about but it doesn't matter You see And now deleted November 6th tweet Jones attempted to argue that the only reason the United States dropped an atomic bomb on the Japanese city was due to financial reasons All you World War II vets listen to this She said they dropped the bomb They I guess meaning her country America When they knew surrender was coming because they'd spent all this money developing it and to prove it was worth it She wrote propaganda's not history my friend Now that is unbelievable She is a complete idiot She is a complete idiot Their first bomb was dropped and then the second bomb was dropped because Japan refused to accept unconditional surrender And that's what Harry Truman insisted on She is a historical illiterate but she can push her Pablo her hate for this country and there's not a single corrupt media platform that wouldn't love to

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