California's 'Surf City USA' beach reopens after oil spill


Surfers and swimmers have returned to the weights at southern California's Huntington beach a little more than a week after an oil pipeline leak off shore the re opening of what many call surf city USA came far sooner than many expected that's the spill became apparent a few troops Mel blanketed the coast and blobs of crude began washing ashore but officials say water quality tests now show no detectable levels of oil associated toxins and Avan ados E. with the California department of fish and game tells KABC they have not found a lot of oiled birds there's not a lot of bird population out there right now so in that respect we got lucky right it could be a different kind of hearing you might have ten thousand birds out there that's for the tar balls I dont see says they're not looking for the public's help we get it right you want the oil off just as fast if not faster than we do but oil is a hazardous substance while the environmental impact on wetland habitats has been less severe than initially feared advocates say they remain concerned about the long term impact I'm Ben Thomas

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