The Similarities Between Terry McAuliffe and Horace Mann


I don't know about you, but I like talking to John's mirror. And I was talking to him was a yesterday about John Dewey, Horace Mann, about education about what mcauliffe said before he went down in flames and John, I thought, let's keep talking about that because we had ten minutes here. And I said, this is actually so important. And that's why when he said what he said that parents shouldn't have the right to interfere in what the teachers teach I just thought that is one of the wildest statements I've ever heard. The idea that an adult running for office could say such a thing or even things such a thing, again, call me naive, but I was absolutely astonished. Well, it was a great moment of candor. Terry mcauliffe said in a debate, parents should not be telling teachers what to teach in schools. We have experts for that. That was very candid. And as I said last time, Horace Mann, the founder of mass compulsory public education in America, Horace Mann, school for teachers is associated with Columbia University. I remember seeing it when it would get off to Trevor bridge. He was a Unitarian. He kept that kind of quiet. He was a social gospel reformer, and he thought it was the job of public schools to save children from their parents. You had all these fundamentalist Christians who believed in the Bible. You had all these Catholic immigrants getting off the boat like my ancestors. And they had all these reactionary views. They were not on board with modern science with progressive ideas with eugenics with all the things that the progressive movement had in mind. A massive federal government managing the country from the top down as experts basically peeling away the old constitution. Woodrow Wilson, before he ran for president, wrote a book about how the constitution was this archaic obsolete rickety 18th century mechanism we needed clear it out of the way so that we could run the government according to the dictates of modern science. And by modern science, they meant Charles

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