Who Is Igor Danchenko?


Let's start backwards. Last 48 hours, John Durham, who is appointed by Bill Barr, issued some indictments. One of the indictments that he issued was towards this new figure and you would know about him if you were really into this. But a guy by the name of Igor danchenko. Now Igor danchenko is supposed to be a Russian specialist. Igor danchenko is someone that formerly worked at the brookings institution a Dante is a Russian born U.S. based researcher. He worked at the brookings institution from 2005 to 2010, and he was a former official in Bill Clinton's State Department. And so danchenko's role was not really clear up until the last 48 hours. So the centerpiece of all of this, the centerpiece for the whisper campaign against Trump, the basis for to get Mueller and to spy on Trump was a document. It was a piece of work known as the dossier. The dossier was compiled by none other than former British spy Christopher Steele. But Christopher Steele compiled the dossier in what has always been a focus for those of us that have wanted to get the truth is who were his sources. Well, the main source, the main Russian source was Igor danchenko. Now, this dossier, this document, this summary, fraudulent one and fake one was then fed to the FBI and the press and was later used in fisa surveillance warrants against Trump aide Carter page, and then through surveilling Trump's pages communications, the Clinton Obama regime was able to spy on the Trump campaign.

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