A highlight from 10 Trivia Questions on B Words


What it be and welcome to another episode of the trivia with bud's podcast, I'm your host Ryan budds, thanks for checking out my show. Today's episode is about B words and what a perfect person to profile for my Patreon page and that was a lot of alliteration on the letter P. Perfect person Patreon page. But hey, it worked out good. Float off the tongue. Greg bristow. My friend Greg from Glendora, California, shout out to cam and Greg and their daughter and cam's mom who all have played my trivia nights around Laverne and upland and places like that in California miss you guys. I haven't seen you in a while, of course, since I live in Tennessee now. But Greg is a big fan of 80s movies as far as I know. He likes things like ghostbusters and Blues Brothers and pretty much any Dan akright movie, even that one nothing but trouble, which is very disturbing. And a junkyard setting. But shout out to Greg bristow and family and hope you guys are doing well and enjoying the show if you still listen. I know that sometimes when you listen to podcasts, they just kind of pile up, especially this one that comes out almost every day. And maybe you catch up, maybe you don't, but all the episodes always here for you, about 1400 of them in the archives. There's no paywall. You can listen to any of them anytime you want. And just a heads up on the podcast app on your iPhone. It only goes back, I think a hundred episodes or 50 episodes. If you want to listen to all the episodes, something like Spotify has the entire library since the very beginning in 2000 16, 17. I forget how old this show is. But go check all that out. And if you need help finding old old episodes, let me know. The show used to be very different. It used to be more of a conversational show with some trivia mixed in, and then over the last three years, kind of shifted over to specifically just trivia and not too many guests and things like that. Although I do miss having guests and would love to have some guests on soon to promote some things and to just converse with more people. So if you're interested in doing something like that, let me know. Greg's been on the show before. Quite a bit. Maybe two or three times. So again, thank you, Greg. Thanks for supporting on Patreon. Patreon dot com slash trivia with buds. B word answers coming up right now. Let's dive into ten of them. Here we go. Starts with B let's see if you can get all these answers. Number one, what 80s band had the song's manic Monday and eternal flame number one what 80s band had the song's manic Monday and eternal flame number one. Number two, Steven John is a Canadian YouTube personality better known to whom around kids. Number two, Steven John is a Canadian YouTube personality, better known to kids as whom star to the bee. Number two. Number three, what is the name of the assistant coach on Ted Lasso? Number three, what's the name of the assistant coach? On Ted Lasso.

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