A highlight from Sarah Stein Greenberg - Spark Curiosity, Creativity and Connection to Cultivate Positive Change.



It is great to have you on untangle today. Thanks so much for being with us. Thank you so much for having me. I'm really looking forward to our conversation. Yeah, I loved your book. It's so different on our show we cover a lot of different topics ranging from mindfulness to neuroscience to leadership to anxiety and depression and this idea of creative acts for curious people and how to really think creatively and lead in unconventional ways. It's so delightful to be thinking about this in your book was just fun to read. So I want to start with learning a little bit more about you. Maybe even you as a ten year old. What were you like as a ten year old and what inspired your creativity? That is a great question. It really takes me back. So as a ten year old, I was already someone who'd like to make things. I think at that point I had already had my first camera. My dad is a photographer and he started

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