What Does the Constitution Really Say About Freedom of Religion?


Americans really now need to understand what does the constitution say about religion. And I remember years ago, Hillary Clinton referred to freedom of worship, and I remember chuck Coleman at the time saying, wait a minute, forget about freedom of worship. It's about freedom of religion. Freedom of worship. They have in China. You go into your little weird building on Sunday morning. Do your little weird mystical stuff. And when you come out, you bow to the secular authority of the state. That's the opposite of freedom of religion. Freedom of religion says 24 7, you can exercise your faith. You can live out your faith. You can talk about your faith. You can do things with regard to your faith. You can refuse to do things with regard to your faith. That is an incredibly broad right. And we, in America, because we've been so blessed with freedom, have really just taken our eye off the ball in terms of what it is. And so when somebody says, do something you go, oh, okay, without realizing, like, wait a minute. I am free. Well, just to be clear, let's say let's speak theoretically, right? I'll be like Arthur Miller with a Harvard Law School. He used to do these round table things on PBS or something. You need to say, well, what about in this case? What if it's the Bubonic plague? It's not COVID, which where people get a cold and they inflate the numbers and make it sound like everybody's dying. Let's say tons of people are dying in the streets. That becomes a different issue. In other words, if somebody says, hey, I don't mind spreading the Bubonic plague. You'd say, well, your religious liberty doesn't extend to that because people are dying in the streets because the science actually backs

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