Is Biden Secretly Flying Undocumented Border Migrants to Other Areas of the U.S.?


Got a text message on the my pillow text line, several months ago, I came into SDF. I think that's Louisville about 1130 p.m.. I went over to the general aviation side to get my car. There were two tour buses. One of the guys who worked there told me there was a charted chartered 7 37 coming in just after midnight with resettlement undocumented people from the border to be bused out to undisclosed locations. He said it was the second or third such flight in the past two weeks. I called a prominent local TV news station reported what I'd seen and heard, they politely said thanks and hung up. No action, no interest, in any action, or exposing these flights. I suspect they already knew and knew to be quiet. These illegals have to be gone somewhere. And the country is changing.

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