Gov. Ron DeSantis Invites All to Use, Invest in Their Ports


I don't want to end on a negative note and so forth Why don't we have a positive clip here Will governor desantis of Florida This guy knows how to run a state He knows how not to be pushed around And at press conference today he's saying hey guys You know we have great ports throughout the state of Florida Why don't you use ours a little bit more With this supply chain issue Well I can only imagine that the Biden administration doesn't want to use Florida Can't you ladies and gentlemen Doesn't want to use Texas either And they're so petty And evil I don't put it past them Cut 17 go We in Florida have the ability to help alleviate these log jams and help to ameliorate the problems with the supply chain And part of it is because we've long been committed to reliable modern and accessible port facility since I became governor in 2019 We've allocated almost a $1 billion to over 70 Florida seaport projects And these are approaches that have made us really really strong And of course the port is one And then once it gets off the port with a different operations that we offer both rail and road it really really really is I think a model for the rest of the

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