Should the Conservative Movement Become Secular? Senator Jim DeMint Thinks Not


So one last thing I want to ask you just about the conservative movement. Some people in the conservative movement say we should forget our faith tradition when you become a secular conservative movement. What's your thought on that is important that the conservative movement remains faith centered? It has to be. There is like we talked about before. There's really really no America without God. And we were told from the very beginning that the constitution that provides us freedom does not work unless you've got a righteous or religious people, God fearing people, all our rights come from God. If we forget that, Charlie, I think the biggest danger we have today is the left has become a religion. Everything they want to do is doctrine. And they really do want the government to be our God. They want us to be dependent on government and neighboring program they pass makes us more dependent. And that's going to draw a lot of people in. If they don't have a strong faith and believe that their life is in God's hands that there's the Bible is the truth. It tells us how to know God how to know each other and ourselves. And so faith and freedom are two sides of the same coin. And we can't have one without the other.

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