How Private Money From Facebook’s CEO and Wife Altered the 2020 Election


Doctor William Doyle, welcome to the Mike Gallagher show. I appreciate you joining us. Thank you very much for having me, Mike. My pleasure. You know, I know we want to I don't want to drag you into the political wars that are going on and president Trump is maintaining that the election wasn't legit and everything and there's a lot of anger. There's a lot of frustration. I want to get into the nuts and bolts of what you're study found and I poured through these articles. I think it's a lot of it is the basis of Molly Hemingway's new book, but can you share with us an overview of how Mark Zuckerberg and his wife directed literally hundreds of millions. I think $419 million into communities into areas that Biden really needed and how that plays out. Try to break it down for us in layman's terms for a moment if you will. Okay, let me give it a shot. Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan donated out of their own personal resources, not through that they have a private foundation that they normally would do something like this through, but they went through they use their own private resources. And they funneled those resources into a little sleepy Chicago based nonprofit called the center for technology and civic life. Before 2019, their budget was about $1.8 million a year. And they seem to be engaged in pretty neutral in a tech related election issues. But then in 2020, they experienced this giant inflow of money from Mark Zuckerberg from its personal resources. How giant. It ended up totaling $350 million through that one organization. That $419.5 million figure includes another organization that they invested a lot in called the center for election innovation and research or CEI are. But our main focus is on CTCL because it was up $350 million gift or donation or whatever you want to call it to CTCL that had the most significant impact according to our research on the election

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