The Regime Being Run By Pharmaceutical Companies With Daniel Horowitz


Daniel, and one of your pieces of my memory serves me well, I'm going to dig it up. You allude to the fact that this really is a regime that is being run by pharmaceutical companies. That this is about the small group of pharmaceutical companies that are calling the shots. Is it that sinister? Is it that diabolical Daniel or is there another explanation to this? I mean, I think it's broader than that, but certainly one of the lead ships in that armada of the system when you talk about the system, the cabal, the globalists, it's the pharmaceuticals. And I love how you call it the Fauci virus. China virus is really off message. The likely knew about it and maybe they had some involvement. This ain't the Chinese. They used Wuhan because it was offshore. This was done by UNC UNC Chapel Hill berwick, Jurassic, Fauci, and all the pharmaceuticals that were in it. By the way, fun fact, UNC Chapel Hill, which is the ground zero for the getting function of research for coronaviruses. You know that they're the ones who had Remdesivir. Gilead, somehow got ahold of it. Look it up. UNC Remdesivir. How is it that the only thing that was ever approved, which as I wrote yesterday have an article on this at the blaze NIH's own website says it causes liver toxicity and renal failure and we're seeing that with Sony patients, which is why a lot of people come in moderate moderate COVID, they should get over just like they go into the hospital with pneumonia every year. COPD, we have this treatable and they die. And it is the Remdesivir. It's one vicious cycle. So they'll look at Ivermectin C we can't use that and they're like, okay, let's say we're wrong and it's a sugar pill. But it is literally safer than Tylenol, won the Nobel Prize. Every piece of literature says is well tolerated. No one's ever had a problem. Why not try

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