Workers Continue to Quit Posts Over Employers' Vaccine Mandates


It was a Dan von Gino, who told his radio employer this week, if you make my team comply with a vaccine mandate, I'm out. I'm gone. I'll leave this company. The ESPN reporter. She's gone. She's out. She quits. Your sports, if you're a sports reporter, ESPN is a dream job. You know what it takes to have to walk away from that job? How about a state trooper in Washington state, 22 years? Out. Because he doesn't want to get the vaccine. So there are people that are pushing back for many for many people. It's a pragmatic thing. You know, you gotta feed your family. No guarantee you're going to get a job if you quit the job you're in. Or get pushed out. Is it evil? To fire a state trooper, over a medicine that he doesn't want to put into his veins? I would argue it is.

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