Little Debbie (MM #3861)

The Mason Minute


The mason minute. With Kevin mason. The Internet has been buzzing the last couple of two three days because the folks who make little Debbie snack cakes have announced they're going to be doing little Debbie ice cream this Christmas, an exclusive deal with Walmart that's kind of the taste of their Christmas tree cakes or whatever they are. As much as I love snack cakes, I always grew up as a hostess kid and didn't really enjoy little Debbie's didn't even see little Debbie's until probably the early to mid 80s when I was going to college in southwest Virginia. Now they've been nationwide and they've been around most of my life, but I didn't really notice them until then. My favorites probably the zebra cakes. I think they're the ones I eat the most if I do eat them. My wife, I think she may have nutty buddies in the house right now and she likes the Swiss cakes and doesn't mind the zebra cakes, and while I've had the Christmas tree cakes, they pretty much all taste the same to me. But the ice cream is making people crazy. Thought? Gonna try it. Gonna see if I can find a pint at Walmart when they start selling it. It's going to be a limited time run. It's going to be something that people are going to be looking for. The look out for, if you really care, little Debbie ice cream, who would have thought people would care that much?

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