Micheline Maynard Criticizes Americans, Downplays Supply Chain Shortages


But at The Washington Post they have an opinion writer micheline Maynard who says Jessica used to it What's your problem For more than a century she says business experts have been trying to dial up the United States efficiency ever since Frederick Taylor published the principles of scientific management in 1911 companies have focused on doing things more quickly and raising consumers expectations as a result actually it's not since he wrote the book It's called the industrial revolution But Taylor's ideas didn't take into account the havoc a pandemic might do to supply chains What are you talking about There was a mass of deadly flu in 1917 The history of that is what is she talking about And how that would blunt what a few months ago seemed like a looming resumption of modern daily life's zippy pace Of course the country Americans expectations of speedy service and easy access to consumer products have been crushed like a styrofoam container in a trash compactor Wow what a turn of the phrase Time for some new more realistic expectations Fast food is less fast a huge flotilla container ships is stuck off shore in California waiting to unload Shoves normally stock with Halloween candy this time of year empty And I saw the other day at a target here in Ann Arbor Michigan The issues become so troublesome with alarming economic and political ramifications The White House is stepping in urging unions port operators and big consumer groups companies To work around the clock to unclog supply

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