China boots Caixin financial news from approved media list


Olympic flame has arrived in Beijing and China cyberspace watchdog published a yesterday on new list of more than 1300 official media sources banning Internet news service providers from republishing other sources and speaking of Internet and social media Donald Trump organization has announced the Trump media and technology group a merger with spac initially valued at $875 million potential additional earnout of 825 million It will be home to a social media platform that mister Trump would like to call truth social in San Francisco I met Baxter This is Bloomberg Jules Thanks Ed Let's get back to our guest Nepal Gupta is portfolio manager at Esprit investments on the line for us from Singapore Why don't you get your thoughts on what you're looking for in terms of opportunity in Southeast Asia I note that you are positive on Malaysian stocks and we are starting to see some retail data showing a pick up in the likes of shopping centers Et cetera So this is really a reopening trade I assume and what kind of opportunity are you looking for here Yes sure Yes So you know Southeast Asia has probably been a laggard over the last few months when it comes to vaccination trials And so really any country

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