A highlight from How I Made It: Las Cafeteras

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Singing in English, Spanish, and in Spanish, their message has reached the ears of listeners all over the world from the stages of the Hollywood Bowl all the way to New Zealand. On today's edition of how I made it series, we check in with three members of the group. Denise Carlos ector Flores and Daniel French. They tell us about their beginnings, how they preserve telling Brown stories. And they're going to break down one of their latest songs. I'm not your puppet. I'm Daniel French. I play harana, keys, I sing and I spit and whatever else the band tells me to do. My name is eko Flores, I play harana, Teresa, I then sapa and I sing with a little bit of spoken word and rap rap rap. Hi, I'm Denise Carlos, and I play the hat on a primary.

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