Dan and Mark Meadows Know How to Thwart Cancel Culture


We're talking to Mark Meadows former chief of staff to president Trump former congressman from North Carolina is an upcoming book called the chiefs chief check it out available on pre order and don't worry So I'm not going to let them cancel here We're going to have you back in the day the book's release or that week I am if they cancel you in one spot we'll just push it to another spot for sales It's just a beach ball underwater So don't worry about that There's no chance That means a lot And honestly the publishers Dan you get this The publishers I went with actually had been canceled from two of the biggest publishing houses Kate hartson Luis Burke Simon Schuster and another well-known publisher had been canceled And that's why I went with them We're not going to let the left win So with Friends like you I can't help but succeed Yeah I mean listen anything they cancel I just create an alternate tech platform I mean they tried to cancel us by demonetizing us on YouTube I got involved with rumble you know they booted us with Twitter I went over to parler that I heard people get canceled for books I started a book publishing thing So I put my money where my mouth is I don't know what that surprised me a bit So thank you for being a friend to the conservative movement

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