Maryland newspaper gunman gets more than 5 life prison terms


The man found guilty of the shot gun killings of five people at the capital Gazette newspaper in Annapolis Maryland has been sentenced to life without parole the assault was one of the worst attacks on journalists in U. S. history in June of twenty eighteen Jarrod Ramos hunted down staffers of the capital Gazette's newspaper office a jury found Ramos criminally responsible for killing Wendi winters John McNamara Gerald Fishman rob Hyson and Rebecca Smith and today and Anna Rundle county judge sentenced him to more than five life sentences without the possibility of parole the judge was crystal clear that Jarrod Ramos should never be allowed to walk out of prison ever state's attorney and cold blooded spoke to reporters he regretted not being able to kill more of the victims capital Gazette photographer Paul Gillespie says the sentencing doesn't erase the pain that someone wants me everyday Montana winters Geimer is the daughter of windy winters the person that took her from us will never breathe freedom again I'm Jennifer king

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