Renowned Nanoscientist Dr. James Tour on the Origins of Life


Thought. Some talking to dr james tour. I write about him. Extensively in my new book is atheism. Dead jim it. I always find myself laughing when you're talking about this because it's so it really is funny. You're describing tremendously difficult things. And then you're you're trying to explain how scientists think this might have happened all by itself. It's difficult to do this even with intention analogy. But they're actually saying we think it just happened by itself on the early earth and what you've described. I mean seems like to sum up. You're saying the more you know about what goes on the more you know. This never happened. This can never happen. I mean it seems clear. The more you talk. I mean. we're just talking about a few tiny bits of the beginning of a process and you're saying we can't even get to that that's right now. I can never say it can never happened as a scientist. I don't know what we're going to discover. But based on what we know of organic chemistry and how molecules hook together the amino acids do not spontaneously assemble. And even if you could get them to spontaneously assemble they would assemble in randomly different ways because their side groups can attach because there's different tentacles that could attach that. Take it out of the normal arrangement that you need protein or or an enzyme and then even if you could attach them. The order of attachment is critical. When you have twenty different amino acids how do you attach them. That's the information. We don't know how to do that either. What are the odds of that in other words. Let's say they just attach themselves easily. But you're saying there's an order. I mean it sounds like saying. I've got a flip a coin and it's got a land heads twenty times in a row or the whole thing falls apart. Yes but it's actually much harder than that i mean. The numbers are staggeringly small. You're going to be useful for something and if you did get one molecule that was useful for something. You'd never get another one of those so yes. This is staggeringly hard. It is difficult at absolutely every step and the amino acids or easier than the sugars which we haven't even talked about

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