Organized Retail Crime (MM #3863)


The mason minute. With Kevin mason. I've tucked on this before, but it's getting worse and worse from what I understand. Organized retail crime is on the big time uprise. In fact, Walgreens has announced they're going to close some stores in San Francisco because the crime has gotten so bad. The biggest problem of course we have number one, staffing issues. Two, with business being up and down, they don't staff them well enough when they do have the people. So number three that makes it a good time for people who are organized in their crime to come in and just start stealing things. I've seen this happen throughout the years at Walmart's where organized crime rings come in and start stealing stuff just grabbing stuff off the racks and running out the door. Now sure a lot of the drugs are locked up behind the counter, the razor blade isles, they're locked up too, but that doesn't stop people. Because what they're doing is stealing the goods and either selling it on places like Facebook marketplace or selling it on eBay or even opening up Amazon stores and reselling those kinds of things, and right now with the economy right now with the disparity that's going on in our world. We're told it could get worse for both retail and for the retail public, and that's scary.

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