Just the News Reports Violated Elections Laws in Fairfax County, Virginia


I just got this just the news a great sight And as you would expect it's close to the end of the election in Virginia Lawsuit claims Virginia's fairfax county This is a behemoth county Northern Virginia This is a huge county Is violating election laws suits says county is violating law by approving listen to this Absentee and mail in ballot applications that do not include information required by the state And then lawsuits will be brought and Democrat elected judges will say ah we're throwing them out Then the media will say look at that They brought 7 suits and 7 judges wouldn't even hear the case Look at that Right mister Medusa You can smell it can't you I'll lawsuit filed by a free market think tank claims fairfax county is violating Virginia election laws By approving absentee and mail in ballot applications that do not include information required by the state But county officials are saying they have not broken any laws seen the old days they be rounded up and thrown in jail Today their righteous warriors who believe every vote should count The lawsuit filed by the Virginia institute for public policy asserts that county fairfax county is approving ballot applications that have been requested by mail or digitally and do not include the last four digit of the applicants social security number I mean even illegal aliens get social security numbers don't they mister Medusa Section 24.2701 states that an applicant must provide this information unless the person's filling out the application in person This requirement is designed to protect the right to vote by ensuring that only eligible voters may obtain an absentee ballot in his or her name Says the lawsuit Eligible voters No

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