A highlight from A Spoken History Of The Nuyorican Poets Cafe

Latino USA


Dear listener, there are some four letter words that are going to drop here. So be prepared. We would just living life. We were very bohemian, you know, because the new recomposed movement is a post beat movement. And unfortunately, you know, when you're in a movement, you usually don't know you're in a movement. Until it's smooth. You generally. Yeah, yeah, I was part of that. You know? From the media and PRX, it's Latino USA, I'm Maria ina josa. Today, a spoken history of the iconic New York Rican poets cafe. So let's set the scene. It's New York City. It's the 1970s. It's Gritty, it's violent. It's very alive with Puerto Rican music and vibes, but there's also deep poverty and xenophobia. It's

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