FBI and Merrick Garland Are Making School Parents Public Enemy No. 1


This is the division this country You stand up and you stand up for your kids your terrorists their domestic tears The FBI will in fact watch you We will monitor you We will treat you like you are a terrorist Jim Jordans who are the whistle on this earlier He was talking about just how bad things are In this country when you have an FBI that's now targeting parents This is the new normal now right Target parents their public enemy number one They're the ones that you should be afraid of They're the ones That are evil They're the ones that we treat like Al-Qaeda Yes like Al-Qaeda This whistleblower that has come forward Has put forth emails refuting the attorney general Garland on the FBI monitoring of school board threats Now what is their definition of a threat if you raise your voice Apparently that means your domestic terrorist now Yeah major domestic terrace if you just raise your voice And talk about why you're so angry about what the school boards are doing in America That's all it takes now bam You're on a list My question is how do you get off the list once you're on the list

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