The FBI Wades Into Dangerous Territory


What is the FBI doing With now this finally a whistleblower finally a whistleblower blowing the whistle on what they were doing that and a story that doesn't attack Donald Trump What are they doing with this collective targeting of parenting and this tagging of them so that the counter terrorism unit Can go and investigate parents Folks this is real This is happening These are the kind of stories repeatedly In the last say ten years plus I've been involved heavily in the political scene Let me just tell you a true story These are the kind of things you thought never in this place never in the United States When I first learned about the spying scandal on Donald Trump I was in Texas I was meeting with business partner mine at the time Or business company owes me it doesn't matter And I'm in a hotel room with my wife and I get a call from this guy who was a source of mine He used to work at the FBI When he told me that the FBI and the CIA and other foreign intelligences had colluded to spy on Donald Trump I swear on my life I almost hung up the phone I thought that's ridiculous That's the dumbest thing I have ever heard There are so many various choke points that they would have to go through and get over the FBI to do that That there's no way that that actually happened But it did And then when I heard that there was a DOJ memo that had been launched in conjunction with the national school boards association request to investigate parents out there at school board meetings speaking out against their kids being indoctrinated to critical racism training I said you know what There's no way that happened either But it did And then I said if there was a Hunter Biden laptop out there signed over by Hunter Biden to a computer store with pictures of Hunter Biden In compromising positions with people of various ages and on that laptop or emails of a foreign government a foreign government clay emailing and in their implications that a foreign government was paying Joe Biden They were holding 10% of him The Chinese Communist Party I would have said no way that happened The FBI probably would get that information out before an election So people can know what they're voting for or would undertake an investigation I would have said that's all crap But you know what That

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