Waukesha Suspect Darrell Brooks Shared Pro-Hitler and Violent Anti-White Posts


We have to close the loop on the walka Shaw story. Isn't it a tragic set of circumstances where we're only allowed to talk about or care about a tragedy if the color of the skin of the attacker is something that the regime actually wants? So the attacker and walker Shaw, who has now killed 6 people a young boy died last evening. So it's went from 5 to 6. Ran over 40 more people. A black terrorist by the name of Darryl Brooks he is a pro Hitler anti semitic black supremacist terrorist. It's been wiped clean from the activist media. You've got a CNN dot com. No mention at all whatsoever. Nope. Nothing. Instead, if you, if you looked at any of the headlines that happened, they're not even saying that this is a terrorist attack. No, they just call it a car crash. They say what happened in Waukesha Wisconsin was just the car crash. It was like someone that got off on the wrong exit. Play cut 56. Bank worker. We were also hearing from the uncle of one of the 18 children hurt in the crash on Sunday. David begnaud reports on how one 11 year old girl is doing. The crash on Sunday. This was an attentional attack. But because it was a black assailant who's a child sex trafficker and pedophile, it doesn't fit the

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