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Senior writer, Chris herring. Chris, how are you doing good, sir? I'm Marie. Ready to dig in to some Thanksgiving food. I think a lot of people probably are at this time here. We're recording this on a Wednesday and I believe this will go out on Friday, so as you listen to this loyal listeners, I will be eating leftover Thanksgiving sandwich, probably my third or fourth of the afternoon. What is your favorite side, Chris? I love asking people that question. I was having this conversation yesterday, at least a black America, the black America that eats good. Sides are better than the main dishes. Of course. Turkey is okay, Turkey can be fine. I mean, obviously, if you get someone that can throw down turkeys really good, but I was on this conversation with my sister, macaroni and cheese is the greatest food known to man as far as I'm concerned. Known to black men. I don't want to speak for everybody, but I can speak for all black men that macaroni. Okay. Yeah. I can be monolithic in that sense. Normally, black people are not a monolith. We're relatively monolithic when it comes to that. Macaroni and cheese is really amazing if and when it's done right. And that's pretty far and away my favorite thing and then I think sweet potatoes and kind of candied yams are probably my second. I've never liked sweet potatoes. My grandmother used to get very upset because she would make a lot of them and supposedly they were great. I wouldn't know. I only added one hated it, sorry. That's my relationship with sweet potatoes. Love Mac and cheese. Stuffing is my favorite. By far. Interesting. I got you. It's not a great stuffing year round, frankly. I don't because I'm not a weirdo, but absolutely love stuffing. It's undefeated. In my opinion, if you're not trying to eat, like, when you ask the question of favorite side or favorite part of the meal, if you're not trying to have the side outside of Thanksgiving, then it's not good or it's not prepared correctly. I mean, there's so many options like mashed potatoes, obviously or another option. You mentioned stuffing. There's Mac and cheese. It's hard to go wrong at a certain point with certain things. always feel guilty because I've gone to other homes. The last few years for Thanksgiving and it's awkward because you get someone and they make all this food and there's like 9 different things and it's like, any time you've had to be in a room where you have to act like you're interested in all the options. You go to a college fair. And there's all these schools there. I knew when I was in elementary school I wanted to go to Michigan. So yes, I'll walk over to your booth, you know, such and such community college. But I'm going to Michigan. If they'll have me, I'm going there. And it's like Mac and cheese is that way for me when I get to somebody's crib. It's like the other sides in other foods are there, but I have to act interested so I don't offend anybody, but that's what I want. Let's talk about that. I appreciate that. Yes. My next question was going to be about Michigan Ohio State, but we are going to discuss that game next week, I think. It's probably better that we skipped that question, right? Okay. All right. So we know the outcome. Exactly. Today's episode we're going to open up the mailbag to talk Western Conference standings, a sixers silver lining. The MBA's most and least coachable players and more. But first, a quick reminder to please keep those emails coming in, open floor mail at Gmail dot com that's open floor mail at Gmail dot com. All right, let's dive right in with a wonderful email from Christine, who writes, hey guys, since we're almost a quarter of the way through the season, it's starting to make more and more sense to analyze the standings. Looking at the Western Conference, there are three runaway favorites, Golden State, Phoenix, and Utah, and a bunch of teams fighting for that last home court spot. My question is which team do you guys see most likely to grab that fourth spot? And since half of Denver's starting 5 is injured, should they enter the tanking race before it's too late? So this is a fascinating question from Christine and she wrote it before PJ Dozier as we record PJ JoJo, it is feared that he has torn his ACL so that just obviously stinks for so many reasons. And for basketball reasons for real life reasons, hope we hope PJ didn't tears ACL as we record this that there's not been official word, but I saw the play live. It did not look good. So the nuggets, let's start with the nuggets. Jamal Murray is obviously TBD and a return after tearing his ACL last year. Michael Porter junior is having this back issue that should really concern the organization, given his health history and the contract that he just signed also back injuries or just not fun and we hope he gets better ASAP. Nicole yogic has been out for a few games with this wrist injury. It doesn't seem at all. PJ Dozier as we just mentioned, he's kind of their 7th man right now could be out for the rest of the year. The nuggets of the last 5 in a row. They're now 9 9, they're good for that's good for 8th in the standings in the Western Conference.

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