The Hunter Biden Laptop Story: If It's Not in the News, It Didn't Happen


Of course, there was a big cover up back in, I guess it was October, so when all of this was discovered that Joe, the Hunter Biden laptop and the New York Post was about the only newspaper that was covering it until they were told like Matt, not now. You can't cover that. And from the last interview you had when and was with you and mcilhenny, there are co producer and your wife, you had said to her when early on when you guys, I guess we're dating and you were journalists together. You said to her and I have actually used this quote and I've given it a credit to you. You said if it's not in the news, it didn't happen. And that's exactly what happened with the Hunter Biden laptop. They said, not newsworthy, so nobody in America or around the world will know that this actually is real. Yeah, you know, yeah, you know, show you how old I am. I said, I was not in the paper. It didn't happen. And so yeah, they decided to cover this up. They decided to suppress this, not even cover it up surprise. You know, we can't verify the laptop. Well, you've got New York Times. You could 1200 reporters actually, you know, there are emails with 6 people copied on them. Go and ask the other 5 people, then you get the did you send this email. And you know, one of them will confirm it. And if all of them refused to deny it, but then you know it's true, right? You can say, nobody, you know, and no one denying that this was a genuine email. Find out, I mean, they spend so much time and energy working out of Michael Cole and ever went to Prague. I mean, you can find out Joe Biden was in surplus or Hunter Biden was in certain places at certain times. And then you can find out people who emailed and where they were. And you can find out the time that he was there. I mean, these are not difficult things you can send him a list of questions. And he can refuse to answer them. And you can say that. And if he's by the way, it's very easy to prove that you weren't somewhere or you didn't send an email. You know, was there any spelling mistakes and emails, were there anybody named wrongly was the most over some email addresses? If these are fake, how do they get the email addresses? This could collapse in a minute if you put any investigative power behind it. But the problem was they wouldn't collapse. In fact, the more they investigated the more it would be verified.

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