Federal grand jury indicts Nebraska GOP lawmaker


Hi Mike Rossi are reporting an indictment accuses a U. S. congressman from Nebraska of lying to the FBI US representative Jeff Fortenberry of Nebraska has been indicted by a federal grand jury of lying in a federal investigation into illegal campaign contributions from a Nigerian billionaire a grand jury in Los Angeles indicted the nine term Republican on one charge of scheming to falsify and conceal material facts and the two counts of making false statements to federal investigators the charges stem from an FBI investigation of illegal campaign contributions from Gilbert should gory and I Jurien billionaire of Lebanese descent the contributions funneled through a group of Californians from twenty twelve to twenty sixteen what do for U. S. politicians including Fortenberry in twenty sixteen using an analysis of federal election records politico has identified three other recipients all Republicans as former U. S. representative Lee Terry of Nebraska in twenty fourteen representative Darrell isa of California in twenty fourteen and Mitt Romney during the twenty twelve presidential campaign there

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