Sen. Doug Mastriano Talks About the Importance of Local Politics


And so that's why it's important that we have more diligence and that we have more people active politically and running for office what have you and every position support. We saw this past year in Pennsylvania and across a nation that school boards are important. The county commissioner's important, even state senators are important. And so we can't stand aside now. Yeah, yeah. I know. And I've said this on the program before, it's one of the things I knew growing up that phrase that said, all politics are local. And it does start right with your local school board. That's the basis and you go up from there. Yeah, you really can't make this stuff up. I mean, obviously loudon counties put an exclamation point on a whole point of view there and how important even school boards are. But, you know, around my state here, thankfully, a lot of people instead of just standing aside and here's one thing out, but that really strikes me. American Christians, we have to be careful about, I guess passivity is maybe not the right word. But just I guess lack of care, you know, hey, things are going terrible in our country and then Christians will often say they'll throw their hands up and say, oh, it's God's will. That is ridiculous nonsense. No, it's not his will. For some reason God chooses to work through the agency of men and women like you and me to stand in the gap like Esther's like giddy and like Martin Luther picky here, George washingtons. And if you just throw up your hands, all right, God will raise up and deliver deliver from elsewhere Esther chapter four, but it will take time. There'll be

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