Detective J. Warner Wallace Describes the Premise of His New Book 'Person of Interest'


J Warner Wallace has just come out with a book called person of interest. Seriously, this is an amazing book. I don't want to do all the talking. So if you don't mind, tell my audience, the premise, because it is actually really fascinating what you have done in this book person of interest. Okay, so here's the weird approach I took. I work cold cases and a lot of the cases I get are what are called no body murders or no body missings where somebody kills his wife or a wife killer's husband. And then claims that they ran off and they file a report of missing persons report, and that's how we take the case, and then years go by no one works the case. So just to be clear, some people know that some people don't. You are a cold case detective and you've been a cold case detective a real cold case detective for a long time. And you're bringing those skills to this issue. So I didn't want to interrupt, but just in case people think you're like blowing smoke, this is what you do. Well, I've done a bunch of these cases. They're actually on a date line. And several of these are no body missing persons cases. And so what happens is they get away with it for a while because nobody has ever discovered. There's no crime scene ever photographed is taken as a missing persons report. I opened the case, I had one case, Eric. I kid you not. The 30 years after the crime was occurred. She'd been missing for 30 years. Her family never once called our agency because the killer thoroughly convinced the family that she had just run off. Now, what do you do when you have no crime scene? No evidence from a crime scene. Don't even have a body. How do you make a case like that? Well, I always tell people that if she vanished on that day because he murdered her as like a bomb went off on that day. But moms are always preceded by fuses that burn slowly toward the detonation of the bomb. And afterwards, there is shrapnel all over the blast radius. So we'll make the case by simply examining the fuse and the fallout. So I thought, well, if Jesus is who he said he was. And let's imagine a future world where every single New Testament document has been destroyed. There are no bibles. There are no new testaments. It turns out in that kind of absent of crime scene, no New Testament. You could still determine the history and deity of Jesus from simply the fuse and fallout of history. That's what this book does. It takes a look at nothing other than just the history of unusual places that have Jesus fingerprints all over. I'm like literature art, music, education, science, and even non Christian religions. It turns out, you can reconstruct the story of Jesus from those aspects of culture

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