Jan. 6 panel votes to hold Steve Bannon in contempt


Hi Mike Rossi are reporting a house committee investigating the January sixth capital insurrection votes to hold one of Donald trump's allies in contempt the vote was unanimous on this boat there are nine ice zero knows the house committee tasked with investigating the January sixth capital insurrection voted Tuesday night to hold former White House aide Steve Bannon in contempt for failing to meet the committee's demands for documents and testimony committee chair Bennie Thompson Mr Bannon has no lawful grounds not to comply with a subpoena representative Liz Cheney one of only two Republicans on the committee frame to the investigation this way all of us who are elected officials must do our duty to prevent the dismantling of the rule of law and to ensure that nothing like that dark day in January ever happens again former president Donald Trump has filed a lawsuit seeking to invalidate the entirety of the congressional request Mike Rossi out Washington

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