Sen. Rand Paul and Sen. Ted Cruz Are Right to Check Dr. Anthony Fauci


Is Senator Cruz told the attorney general you should be prosecuted Yeah I have to laugh at that I should be prosecuted What happened on January 6th senator Do you think this song right there for a second Thank you rich First of all let's break that down His creepy laugh like a Batman villain aside First of all what the question of course is here you have a United States senator who is bringing up the fact that Anthony Fauci a member of the executive branch might have lied before Congress might have perjured himself before Congress Might have in fact totally American people Why So here's the legislative branch doing its constitutional job of being a check on the executive branch of government And instead of her following up and go well senator that's you know we're not talking about January 6th here We're talking about you and possibly now the accusation is that you lie to Congress about gain of function research You lied about the lab leak You lied about these things That's what they're arguing How do you want to respond to that No don't give me a giggle I'm gonna be a giggle like you've just tied up Robin and you're waiting for Batman to rescue him Answer the question This is their job Their job is to check the executive branch of government So what do you have to say to that Doctor Fauci But again Margaret brand is on his side He's the victim here right He's the victim And even though it's very very likely that Fauci did lie to Congress on multiple occasions about gain of function research which led to the virus in China being in that lab and maybe we could have very early on intervened in this whole thing She's willing to let that go because Fauci's a hero of the left And she is CBS So obviously you got to give the guy a pass

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