Steve Deace: The Number One Driver of COVID Surges in the World Is Vitamin D Deficiency


That's exactly right Nobody is lobbying on Capitol Hill on behalf of vitamin D seasonality If your name's Matthew McConaughey or Jennifer Garner and you get an audience with Anthony Fauci as a big Hollywood star and you ask him about vitamin E he tells them the truth and even admit hey I take 8000 IUs of vitamin D a day Well you know last year when everybody was locked down instead of sending him checks that just crushed our inflation rate why do we send everybody at vitamin D pack Because the number one the number one driver of COVID surges in the world is vitamin D deficiency The number one driver That's because that's what is connected with the seasonality here But we would do things like this if it was about healthcare And it's not And the mask mandates were to condition us for vaccine mandates The vaccine mandates are to condition us to hand over our bodily autonomy because once we've handed over our bodily economy we are essentially now handed over That's what this is about This is about a mass acquisition of power and control We are seeing hospitals now that are losing lawsuits about Ivermectin who are then still after the patient they're going to chase last weekend where a guy got Ivermectin and walked out of the hospital A few days later they are still appealing it How dare he survive They're still appealing He's not setting a president that they have to do this There was a case in Wisconsin where the family said we'll bring in our own doctor You don't even have to put your hands on it and the hospital still said we won't let you do that even if you bring your own doctor in and then the guy died Whatever This is insane We're in control as I

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