A highlight from Seventh Heaven for Lionel Messi



That Levin dosti didn't get it. Well, absolutely. I have seen maybe the best player in the world of all time winning a 7th award. But hello. I mean, messy is fantastic. We live on doors. We've had a fantastic two seasons and why he didn't get it last season because these friends Meghan seem kind of thing. Just said, no, let's not give it this year, because we can't give it a message. What is that all about? Messi, a fantastic player, but 11 dosco the rebirth of America from Boston, breaking gert Mueller's record should of course got the award. This is, as is always is, this is FC Hollywood of football. Don. I mean, what do you add? I mean, Jan's nailed it. I mean, there's a great caption on social media and there's a picture of Lewandowski lying on his bed and he's got about 20 trophies are up around him. He's had the best 18 months of his life as the Ann said, breaking everyone's records. And I don't know if it's just losing a little bit of credibility. You know, you look at Messi's, you know, he's in the situation, I'm still a marathon of fan. I'm holding onto the fact that Maradona was the best, but I get it if everyone thinks messy is, and I'm not the Oracle, but damn. He has Leonel Messi beat George junior in Lewandowski. I'll never know. Okay, right. What you're into that's a bit rubbish. We're good that we've learned that Don isn't the Oracle in the life. That's a good thing to take away from the start of this show. You're propaganda campaign for Kareem Benzema failed miserably. It did fail to be fair, fourth place. I mean, as you know, I would have picked him in first. But I think understand Jan's frustration done. I'm not sure what done feelings are right now. But let's go again. This is a democratic vote, right? You've got a 186, I think voters all around the world, one per country. And they just vote for the top 5 footballers. No one is forced to put Messi down or it's not enough football choosing who's the winner who's second who said. All those people have watched same games as us. They own opinions on messenger on Benjamin georginio. And they just pick that one to 5. All of one to 5 will be very different. And then as you saw with the result today, it's really tight. I think it's just 30 points between. But we have to respect for message to winning. I guess, even if Manchester, of course, was Ben simmer, for example. Of course, there is respect. Of course we have respect for a democratic vote. But of course it's harder for a Polish national player to win that vote and that you're saying is tight. That's just show you. There are journalists around the world. They just put a mess in there for a good habit. And I'm not saying that this disrespect to message. I'm not sure fantastic football player. I'm not sure. No, no, listen. Listen, I know, the problem I have, yeah, is that Henry winter votes for England, for example. He's the times senior writer. He's someone who's really respected in the waterfall. Not just in England. And Henry voted for georginio. And again, 11 of ski, as you said, has been great, fantastic, everything you want. But Henry felt that your new deserve his first his first place, his first place, more than 11 ski more than messy more than anybody else. And again, we might disagree with him, but I think we have to respect the court that Henry winter made. And all the other voters around the world, I can see why you feel strongly about 11th street, of course, and I'm with you. But this is what happens when you've got a vote like that with people from all around the world. This is the same when you have votes when you get Olympic Games and world cups to all kind of dubious countries. This is what's happening. And that is no disrespect or message. I think it's fantastic. And I do respect Henry winter. And he will put your genuine there because that is his feeling. And he does that because you think it's the best best player, but I think this time, 11 doves you should have got it. And if you didn't get it, they should at least have the I mean the sense and honesty to give him that for last year. But what is this all about? They didn't do it last year. I mean, this is just stupid. Steve nichol. I'm with a boy. I don't think this is nonsense. And the wrong one to bring up Joe's is Henry winter, because georginio, you can make a huge argument. Why should a woman? Let's be honest. Was massive that good. You know, because Argentina, you're picking messenger, aren't you? No, not. Really? Why would a picnic over Georgia? Because he's a much better one.

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