Victor Davis Hanson's Take on Glenn Youngkin's Upset Victory in Virginia


Victor Davis Hansen senior fellow at the Hoover institution at Stanford University and author most recent so many things. Anything with his name on it, buy it, but the dying citizen out now follow him at vide Hansen. Professor Hansen, welcome to America first. Thank you for having me again, Seth. So much to discuss, personal news on your front with regards to a very storied conservative publication, but let's talk about the events in Virginia of the last few days. My take is the following. I would like you to be the sanity check for this. We have seen 9 out of ten of the analyses post the young con victory have been incredibly sophomoric, very, very simplistic, basically half of them have said, this is an indictment of Donald Trump because young and isn't Trump and the other half said this is a victory for Trump because he's just like Trump and critical race theory, et cetera, et cetera. I think the truth lies somewhere in between a very cautious candidate who didn't go full America first. However, embraced a culture war issue much like president Trump, which propelled him to the top of the ticket, who is to blame or who gets the credit for this massive upset victory professor. I think you have it right. I think he ran more successfully or at least as successfully in those red counties of Virginia than Trump did. So he was able to get the base. He was able to keep the base because Trump endorsed him and he didn't no issue did he disagree with the Trump magazine. He might have downplayed abortion in the particular suburbs. But he didn't, and he thanked Trump and that he won. He said that I appreciate that. But Trump made it easier for him because let's face it, this ostracism of Trump on social media, boomeranged against Silicon Valley. Because Trump found out that when he wasn't commenting on personalities every day, that in time people are remembering his record and not what he tweeted. And his tweets bothered some people. Some people they encouraged. But the point I'm making is people looked at Biden's disaster's first 9 and a half months and they've said this was all self created. The opposite of what Trump did. So Trump's stature has risen the more I don't know how to say it because it's a contradiction or paradox, the more remote. It's almost as a Trump is everywhere in the mind of the Democrats, but he's nowhere on social

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