Red Notice: Netflix Has Made Another Chore of a Blockbuster


There. Sunny bunch welcome, all thanks Sonny available at sunny bunch on Twitter. He also is the host of across the movie aisle, great podcast on movies. The bulwark goes to the movies and many other fine things. So sunny, you are not sending us to a band at palooza. I hope tomorrow. I hope you have something for us to see in the theaters. Well, we could talk about drumline. I feel like that is a band the band of palooza sort of movie, right? Well, South American park. Of drumming groups. So what's coming out? All right, so we are in that weird stretch where we have a marvel movie out that weekend before, which means that nobody wants to release a movie this weekend. Because nobody wants to compete in either of the first two weekends with the marvel movie. So in theaters, your options are a little bit light right now. But Netflix has not scared of marvel. Netflix is not scared of marvel. They are releasing one of their big blockbuster movies of the year this weekend. It's called red notice. They probably noticed any ads for it because they don't show ab but it is a big $200 million heist by way of Indiana Jones style movie. Starring Dwayne, The Rock Johnson, Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot as a trio of well, technically, Dwayne Johnson is like an FBI agent who's trying to clear his name. Ryan Reynolds is an art thief and Gal Gadot is another art thief she competing our thief. They are trying to steal or recover three eggs, the eggs of Cleopatra, which are these ancient artifacts, not real, not a real artifact that ancient artifacts from Egypt that were given to Cleopatra on her wedding day and their price list are very they're very valuable and they are trying to they're trying to recover these. Dwayne Johnson, so we can clear his name to our thieves right rental, so they can sell them to a Egyptian businessman who wants to give them to his own daughter as a wedding

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