A highlight from Roger Kibbe on the Evolution of Samsung Bixby and Voice Assistants - Voicebot Podcast Ep 235


This is episode two 35 of The Voice by podcast, roger kibby joins me to discuss the latest with Samsung's Bixby voice assistant. Hey there voice by nation, this is Brett kinsella, your host The Voice by podcast. Today I welcome back roger kibbe to the podcast three years to the month since his first appearance in 2018. During our talk, we keep referring to 2019 as his first appearance. But the last year of 2020 was fogging our memory, it was actually three years ago. So when you hear 2019, a couple of times, it'll actually be 2018. But it was three years ago that the new Bixby was introduced by Adam cheyer and dog kit Laos at the Samsung developer conference. That was when the old Bixby was replaced by the viv lab's version we know today also referred to by Samsung as the new Bixby. Although it's not so new anymore at three years with maturity there. A lot has transpired since then and the voice assistant land. Three years ago, roger kibbe was an independent developer that had just won the first Bixby capsule developer contest, a couple of months later he would join Samsung and the viv laps team as its first dev evangelist. Roger and I go deep, I'm Bixby, and we also touched on the larger boys landscapes evolution in today's conversation. I'm the Bixby front, we discuss Bixby home and the integration of the voice assistant and AI intelligence into smart home solutions. This leads to an in depth discussion around command and control, voice interaction versus the multi turn conversations, which were pioneered by some of the voice assistants as well. I think you'll like the exchange on this topic. Roger kibbe is the senior developer evangelist of viv labs, part of Samsung research Americas. Broward whose current role with Bixby, he was founder of voice app development shop voice craft and spent more than a dozen years at the gap leading customer experience and logistics technology. Earlier in his career, he also worked as a consultant at Accenture. Next up, voice assistants, Bixby, and where this is all headed, let's get started.

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