Don Lemon Flips Out on Democrats: 'Get It Together!'


The Democrats are imploding. You don't believe me? Well, listen to a crazy radical leftist on CNN. Named Don lemon. Don incidentally, if you watch Tucker Carlson, you might think his name is Don LeMond because for some reason Tucker always says Don lemon, but it's non lemon. And he's a host on CNN. And he lost it last night at the Democrats. Abject failures, the Biden agenda is on the brink and people like Don lemon of CNN know it. Republicans and the former guy, most of the Republicans are in office right now. Are going around the country. And they are winning with a lie. They're able to get people on their side with a total lie and Democrats can't get people motivated with the truth that will help them. The truth that will set them free. So what is going on with you? Why are you so bad at politicking? Why are you so bad at politics, Democrats? When you had the winning message, when you have the Senate and you have the Congress and you have The White House and you can't win with a winning message, something is wrong. And it's not that the Republicans are doing this and that they're better at the messaging than you are. That's what it is. It's not the Republicans fault. It's your fault. You have your self to blame Democrats. Get it together. Uh oh, they're falling apart over at CNN. Oh, really, the left has the winning message. Let me do it Joe Biden whisper for the benefit of Don lemon. You don't have the winning message. Americans are seen through it.

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