This Is an Official Levin Surge: Take Action and Participate


Gentlemen this is an official event surge We've ever had a surge this needs to be yet Everybody listening You need to participate I told you we don't just sit here like a stiff and wine and complain and show but if there we need action Joe Manchin's number and his Washington office is two O two two two four three 9 5 four two O two two two four three 9 5 four Kirsten cinemas number in Washington two O two two to four four 5 two one two O two two two four four 5 two one I'll repeat it a little later Again I want you to be quite civil ladies and gentlemen We're not like the left Civil polite but firm And concise Vote no on the Marxist social engineering Bill If they say well you're not from our states say yeah well I can contribute to anybody I wish Still America In this bill will affect me regardless of where I live and my family I don't want a fundamental transformation of our economic system or our governing system And that's exactly what this does because Joe Biden said

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