Former ICE Director Tom Homan Answers the Question: Is the U.S. Border Closed?


The border is closed according to the man who runs the Department of Homeland Security for the senile old Giza in The White House who sadly bears the title president of the United States. I think I have somebody in studio who begs to differ. We are one on one with none other than that truth teller extraordinaire, former director of ice Tom Holman. Welcome here in America first. Thanks for having me, Seth. Appreciate it. So you were there? For how many years 31? 34 and a half, I'm 35. 34 and a half year serving this nation in numerous facilities, securing the border is the border closed like secretary Mallorca's just said in front of Congress. Absolutely not. And they need to take action. Look, he's under oath. I don't know how he's going to say the borders closed. We all seen the videotape. Look, 600,000 illegal aliens have been released into the country by CBP. 600,000 releases. And that's not counting who ice is releasing at the order of political pointees when the DHS. So at least 600,000 releases that came across that border were released. Many with COVID, manual criminal histories. Add to that, the 400,000 just short of 400,000 galways. Right there as the man

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