A highlight from The Santa Stakeout (Hallmark Channel - 2021) Feat. Kristoffer Polaha

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And then i came back christmas. Ed mcmahon. I think it's fantastic. We'll keep him and came back. He's yeah and then the book you guys have a book cow book out and it's a it's a. It's a new york times. didn't it today. Just become a nazi. Whatever heard today we cross the threshold. There is questions about wh- what that what is the new york times like you know. Is it just somebody from new york. Who keeps time is who has made you. You're part of her list. Yes well there's so. There's ladies word i have is the new york times but it's times with a z. Ou know what that's about a different lists like the times. There's also the new york time but you have to say is voice. Why why im- easy is still good. Is that something that's a. That's a cooking okay. Newspaper new york times new york. All of these are really good. List lists the good list bliss. But we'll we'll see what happens. Do you want to talk about santa stakeout. Let's do it. L. steakhouse stakeout. Cops and their stay. There used to be a restaurant in the city. I live Called stakeout. Not not it was a it was a a you. Go and pick up steak A drive through style to go. Take it out yeah. I know that that was here. There's one of Costa augusta. I wonder why was there a state because it's a terrible idea. Hey what if. We made steak but to go. That's a bad idea man. There tom for that garbage. what am i doing. Can i get a twelve ounce. Sirloin mashed potatoes. Caesar salad cook. I'll take it. Don't burn want fast. It was always done always to where i can hold the stake in while i drive. That's what i want. I imagine just a kitchen filled with precooked stayed the same. It was because they had the yellow sign it was. It was great. Take your clawed baby which is which is the name of this movie second. This movie is about crazy enough. A santa claus at works at stakeout. Let's do. It does take out originally aired on october twenty fourth twenty eight twenty one and a window. Something like this The movie begins with a montage of and feverishly. What's going on here. We then meet tanya and ryan detectives and potential partners maybe we'll see She loves christmas. He does not they are put on the case of a museum art caper love a good caper. Don't you boys muppet caper off bagels. Oh different kind of cape didn't bring caper. they are they are. They have a suspect which is a mall. Santa named francis miller and so they want to find out more about francis miller and so they get approved to go on a stakeout. A santa stakeout. Talk they move into the house. That's for rent next door to mr miller's house trying to lay low tanya. She gets a little herself. She goes outside and take pictures of a package and she goes back to door. She's locked out she's leaving me and ryan comes out. A neighbor sees them together outside world's going on here. You guys newlyweds. So they decided to commit. We got to commit to be newlyweds. The new couple in town for the holidays and so they go to buy a christmas tree together and ryan opens up about his divorce and they get back and they decorate their house. While spying on mr miller and he catches a when way what he he catches them. They're outside and it seems to be up to no good and he's bring he's bringing over fruitcake because there's a fruitcake revolution and they chat and he invites him to be Elves at christmas event with him. It's a it's christmas like Committee if you will and so. They're going to join the stat So they go to this party in matching christmas sweaters And the committee is made up of people from the neighborhood. That all really like christmas. And they're all very delightful. Tanya goes snooping around the house and ryan plays the piano on the way out. They're forced to kiss under the mistletoe. And ryan does not mind it. The next day they opened up to one another and they have little pencil fight then go caroline and tanya shows off or pipes they keep trying to figure out. What's going on over mr miller's house and mystery they overhear. Mr miller say somebody. Christmas has come early this year. What does it mean is it bad. is it good. who can tell they. Go to play. christmas charades with the committee. And after mr miller gives ryan some pretty great advice about snowflakes he. Then brian's like maybe mr miller isn't a guy they then go to. This cocktail party has undercover else. Because there's There's a very expensive ornament there that they think might be stolen. They ended up slow dancing together and they agree to go out after the investigation. While they're thinking about kissing each other they lose mr miller. Who's playing santa at the party. The lights go out. And there's a ralph are- someone took the paintings. I don't know who that guy is So that they didn't take the women so only the paintings. So the captain gets a warrant to search mr miller's house. Mr miller is Shocked to find out that they're cops and They opened up the back door of his car. And wouldn't you know it. It's the missing painting. Mr miller insists that he will only talk to tanya and ryan and he is telling them. I did not do anything wrong. I've left my criminal pass behind me. I don't know what these paintings are. That showed up in my car and so they do a little bit more digging in figuring out that. It's actually mr miller's boss. The staffing director at the party's she's the one who's been stealing all this stuff and trying to frame it on mr miller. They go to apologize to mr miller and help him finish a project. The neighborhood then ryan reveals that he's keeping the house next door and

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