The Era of Big Tech Monopolies Is Coming to an End


Just like in the early days where the news media the left wing hacks and activists in the media thought they'd have a monopoly forever with the advent of CNN and MSNBC later ABC NBC and CBS They swore there would never be a breakthrough and there was first a breakthrough in Fox News everybody laughed What a bunch of idiots Look at these dopes Well no one's laughing anymore You're seeing that now on the technology side The big tech monopolists and oligarchs have had a monopoly over the space forever That's ending That's been ending as of about last year When you saw a number of companies companies I'm involved with rumble a line pay companies I'm not involved with get her and others jump into this space and create these things Now there's truth social dot com This is Donald Trump's new site folks They were never going to have a monopoly forever There was never going to happen I'm telling you the left and the boycott brigade Their greatest gift to it We should call our companies Jim we should call them nardini Nardini LLC We should call them right We should thank them I'm not kidding Thank them for everything they did for inspiring us to create an entirely parallel economy and believe me when I tell you at least with my role on the parallel economy This is just the beginning I promise you it is just started We are going to have a space of our own where free speech is respected And it's going to be a glorious and beautiful

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