Chuck Todd's Opinions Are Just as Bad as His Haircut


Chuck Todd on MSNBC yesterday cut four go We've said it before And we're going to say it again The biggest story in American politics is and will continue to be This homegrown effort to undermine U.S. democracy largely fueled by the former president and his loyalists who have hijacked and radicalized a part of the Republican Party Now listen to this idiot Who's a Democrat His wife is a Democrat operative On MSNBC with joy Reid Al sharpton the morning schmo and misses schmoe listen to this We've said it before and I'll say it again Who cares what you have to say with the stupid haircut This guy you know he combs his hair down the front on his far ahead mister Medusa then he takes a ruler with scissors that are kind of rounded on the end so he doesn't cut as far head like he's four years old He give kids with paste and paper construction but anyway so he cuts a straight line It's not never straight Sort of this Eddie Munster look And then he gets up there he looks like a puke and he's up there We've said it before and we'll say it again Not we you you jerk We as plural You are a singular A singular

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