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Hauntingly yours. I'm your host, D.C. o'rourke. And I'm here to regale you with yet another haunted tale that I have pulled from the darkened archives of the world. I just wanted to give a quick shout out to Donnie and Christie Parker, spirit guides paranormal for our last episode, where we got together to chat about Fleetwood church in brandy station, Virginia. Thank you so much guys for that. Much love. The spirits of brandy station of event, we mentioned in that episode was nothing short of awesome. And all that attended had a great time. You're truly being one of them. Since the event, I was actually invited to join the ranks of spirit guides. Team as spirit guides paranormal that is, as a paranormal investigator and I gladly accepted the invitation. I'm honored to be working with such a well respected team in the field. I also have my own team, shadow walker is paranormal that I will continue to work with as well that I started back in January of this year. Now, back to our adventure, shall we? What tale do I have for you guys? Why don't you gather around in your ears? For this episode, I decided to go digging and perusing through the files of none other than Ed and Lorraine Warren. I mean some inspiration and I thought, what better place to look, right? I dug through all this stuff. And you know, I came across annabelle and the non and all these wonderful things that we've seen in Hollywood movies from the conjuring universe and I said, I want to go for something more obscure, you know, forget amityville for getting annabelle what Ed Lorraine investigate that no one really knows about that much. And I found one thing in particular that really stuck out I guess you could say, but in order to tell that story, one we go back in time because this story is none other than the south end werewolf. And it begins in Essex, England with mister Bill Ramsey. Now, mister Bill Ramsey, what can you say? He was a normal person. At first, born in 1943, in the small town of south end, the located just within Essex. The first 8 years of his life were quiet and normal. He was a normal boy with normal hobbies, playing outside was his favorite pastime, and he would spend hours running around where he would let his vivid imagination be free. When Bill turned 9, his life as he knew it took a strange turn for the worse. One day he found himself playing in the garden behind his house when he began to fuel very peculiar. A chilling wind swept across his body, which seeped into his bones. The sun hung high in the sky and smiled down on him favorably. The warmth of that smile caressed his skin sweetly. This felt very off to him. It was out of place. His body began to sweat, but it just seemed to freeze the moment it attempted to roll away from him. Then to make matters worse, poor Bill was overtaken by a horrible stench that filled him with severe nausea to the point where he wanted to vomit. Later on he would stay, have you ever walked into a meat locker right after you've been outside on a hot day? That's what this was like. What's even more strange than the physical symptoms that he presented were the psychological manifestations that had came along for the ride. Whatever this experience was, he was a sure, but it wanted to change him. His mind was filled with the carnal urge to get down on all fours and run for the ocean as fast as he could go. All the while in his mind conjured up images of wolves of all shapes and sizes. Something was amiss. The imaginative 9 year old boy that he knew slipped into a trance that altered all that is very world had become the child's parents picked up on the odd behavior right away. Ramsay's mother did everything that she possibly could to help her son break free from this trance that he was in, but nothing seemed to be effective. Honestly, it seemed like it made matters worse the more she tried. The images of wars disappeared from his thoughts and were replaced by feelings of extreme rage. This seriously scared its folks. The adrenaline pumping through his veins as a result of the rage gave him what looked like Supernatural strength. Strength that a 9 year old boy should not be able to possess. He ran to the back garden and tore fence posts straight from the ground and swung them in the air like giant clubs. No matter how hard his parents tried to take control of the situation, it just didn't matter. Bill Ramsay's grip was just out of this world. They didn't wish to leave their son in such a vulnerable state while he had this frightening episode, but they felt helpless. Especially when Bill ripped metal wire from the fence and placed it in his mouth. His parents stared on horrified as a gnawed on his theories. The furiously and growled like a rabbit animal by this point, they thought it best to lock themselves inside the house and wait it out. Safety first. After all, sometimes later Bill finally calmed down and his parents allowed him access to the house again. Oh, they're sweet son. What had taken a hold of him like that? His face and mouth were torn and scratched to pieces from where he had gnawed on the fence. They tended to his wounds like the good parents that they were, of course. When they'll ask what exactly had happened both mother and father replied, we will never speak of this again. Bill pushed the incident to the bag of his mind and tried his best to loop on what life he never spoke of the matter to anyone before he knew it 15 years of his life had flashed right before his eyes. He had gone from being a child to a man, he met a beautiful woman. He got married. Down the road, they would end up having three beautiful children together. From all that, we know, Bill was an excellent father. He spoiled his children here. He enjoyed a prosperous career as a Carpenter and he took pride in his work. I think it's safe to say that our friend Bill Ramsey, well, he led a conventional life for many years. Not too long after his marriage had begun to blossom nightmares would plague him on a regular basis. In these nightmares he always chased after his wife like a predator after its prey. At the end of every one of these his wife would always turn back to look at him with a horrified expression on her face. The stress of it would kick him awake every single time. And his body would be drenched in a cold sweat with his mind full of dread. There was only a few times where he swore he could even hear what sound it like a wild animal in the room afterwards, and it panted incessantly. In the end, he surmised the sounds of nothing to be afraid of as they were coming from his own vocal cords. The nightmare is finally stopped. Two years later. It was 1967

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