Christina Karaoli Taylor and Grady Tripp Prove the Intersection of Media and CRT


Christina Karoly Taylor multicultural competency trainer Multicultural competency trainer in a diversity training video for KE NS 5 San Antonio CBS affiliate Hat tip project veritas kawan go What we're going to talk about today is going to center around the main code of ethics of journalism In a couple of things during this workshop and throughout your day I challenge you to stop thinking in terms of objective journalism because and discuss why that's not really feasible anymore But in terms of accuracy fairness and transparency are always striving for objectivity is not feasible If you read unfreedom of the press man that I nail this This is now the culture for the media Now we have Grady trip diversity inclusive training officer at tegna tegna owns KMS 5 San Antonio cut to go This kind of sorry not sorry for the statement that I'm making there At this point if you're not listening to a podcast or looking at a video or reading any of the information that's out as far as equality and social justice and race you don't care Now I don't know how to say it because it's there We're going to be organizations accountable because we know it's important to the organization KPIs are going to change right KPIs are going to reflect diversity and inclusion from a representation standpoint at various levels from an inclusion standpoint So here you have the media critical race theory Intersecting This is the forced brainwashing The forced acceptance of the racist ideology

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