Brian Mudd: Ask Your Schools Explicitly if The 1619 Project Is Being Taught


We got to take back education And you start doing that by rooting out the Marxism that's in there And so for example as I mentioned a lot of people think critical race theory and say you know is critical race theory being taught and you might have educators to come back and say you know it's not The question is for example is the 1619 Project inside the school library Has anything been assigned with it Is it being taught These are the questions to begin to ask Having a realization that even the teacher seems nice 80% of public school teachers are members of a teacher's union It doesn't mean that all 80% are a problem It means that they contribute to being part of a problem at a minimum and very well may be And so we need to have our eyes open about them as well And what they are willing to do and to teach and to ask questions to get engaged these are all the important elements as we take step by step our country back

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